Things To Do

Recreational Activities

There are several recreational activities in the area that are available for your entertainment. Some are available on site while others are located nearby. We have detailed information and contact numbers available at the front desk. We can also arrange these for you and set up appointment times.   

Recreational Options

A few examples of the local recreational options:
 Our guided hiking/riding tours

Capitol Reef National Park visitor center
 Pack llama day trips
 Horseback riding
 Hiking, Cycling, ATV rentals
 Fishing, River rafting
 Disc golf, Game rentals

Where To Eat

  The Noor Hotel has a restaurant on site. The “La Cueva” Mexican Restaurant – authentic, fresh flavor of Mexico brought to Southern Utah. Homemade dishes and served fresh off the grill every day. Open daily for lunch and dinner. We also have information, other recommendations, and menus for other restaurants in the area.     

Relaxation massage/Aromatherapy

Click for Spa Services

 Hot stone massages,  Deep tissue massages.  Click for Spa Services.

Body treatments

Exfoliating scrubs, Facials, Chemical peels, Pedicures, Waxing 

Licensed Esthetician and Massage Therapist

 Energy cleansing 

Places To See/Guided Tours

Nearby Places

  Goblin Valley State Park, known for the many rock formations that resemble goblins. It is the location where many popular movies have been filmed. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989), City Slickers II (1993), Galaxy Quest (1998), and Mission Impossible II (1999) just to mention a few    9

Nearby Places

 Cathedral Valley road, which is known for the large red rock formations that look like cathedrals.  Temple of the Sun, Temple of the Moon, and Walls of Jericho are just few of the extraordinary sites.   

Nearby Places

 Burr Trail

Nearby Places

Scenic Byway 12

Nearby Places


Guided Hiking/Riding Tours